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Popcorn boxes

Behold our classic popcorn boxes. Made from printed paperboard - ready to serve freshly popped popcorn and crispy snacks. Ideal packaging for events, parties or give-aways. Design popcorn boxes online!

Get your customized popcorn boxes online at Ink n Art

We believe that snacks sell better in beautiful boxes. Whether that’s true or not, Ink n Art’s Popcorn Boxes are fully customizable and make for perfect containers for popcorn, or for any other snack for that matter. Like all of our packaging, they are made out of paper and are 100% recyclable, making them as eco-friendly as can be. With that said, these boxes are a reliable option if you want to go green and make a difference on your carbon footprint.

Fast deliviries and tiny minimums

With low minimum order quantities delivered in days instead of months you will have your custom packaging ready for use in no time. You can create your own snack box from 100 pieces. Perfect for an event or party. It is also a creative and fun gift for colleagues and friends.

We’ve got you covered with everything you need

Let our popcorn containers carry your snacks in a design tailored to your needs. Use one of our carefully curated templates or put your own touch to the design with our easy-to-use online 3D tool, to make the packaging become one with your brand. The choice of size, colors, logo and text is up to you. If you have your own illustration ready for use, you can upload it with ease to make your packaging special with a personal touch of your brand or unique style. Whether you choose to be nothing but minimalistic in your designs, or if your decide to go the more neutral route, we make an aesthetically pleasing design possible for you to put in print within minutes. Ink n Art’s Popcorn Boxes come in two sizes, small and large. Do the obvious and turn them into boxes of popcorn, or fill them up with sweet treats, crispy french fries or whatever snack that comes to mind. These boxes are perfect for any type of event, concession stand or food truck. Whether you wish to fill them up with plenty of popcorn or heaps of sweets, we let you set the finishing touch to your boxes. Go for a classic red and white striped popcorn design by choosing one of our existing popcorn box templates, or design your boxes from scratch for a different take on the classic or a top-to-bottom rebellious choice. Perfect popcorn boxes for party. The primer colors to choose from for our Popcorn Boxes are white and kraft. The white color is simple, neat and peacefully charming, yet it adds a little elegance and luxury to your packaging. The kraft paper color gives a natural look and has a rustic and organic feel about it. It’s a ravishing alternative for standard white paperboard that’s more suitable for a colorful print.

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