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Premium packaging

Luxury packaging is supposed to be good-looking, durable and preferably with an attention-grabber like gold foil or embossed logo. We have a wide variety of finishes, effects and high quality materials that we successfully use to match your aesthetics and brand identity. We provide creative solutions that reach absolute top tier quality.

Would you package an expensive wristwatch in old wrapping paper? The answer is almost always no. You would instead aim for a packaging quality that matches the same level of exclusivity as your product. Otherwise you jeopardize the image of your product as premium. A fuzzy communication around your goods can in that case in fact be harmful and confusing for the end user.

With that said, we are strong believers that a premium product reaches its full potential in luxury packaging. In the end it’s all about finding harmony between product and premium box that makes the customer experience interesting and conspicuous for the consumer. This is what we do best and can help your brand with.

Luxury boxes help to increase sales!

Success in packaging design comes from standing out, not fitting in. Stand out on the shelves and increase your sales. We encourage you to bring a creative mindset when choosing colors, material and finishes. In that way your premium packaging design will be truly unique.

Exclusive packaging as a way to acquire new customers. Yes, that’s a real thing. Let us give you a solid example. When you use top tier packaging, the product becomes more suitable as something to give away to a friend, family member or colleague. The packaging adds to the experience and makes your product more desirable when shoppers pick giftware off the shelf.

Every time you buy a product, it’s a small investment and we want bang for our buck. Therefore we look for signs that strengthen our purchasing decision. For instance, that the packaging is exclusive and high-quality. Here, the quality of a premium box is often that last detail that pushes the shopper over line to go through with the purchase. Not only will premium boxes increase your sales. The client will also often be prepared to pay more for the exact same product. High-end packaging can tip the scale in your favor.

Quality, quality and quality!

Luxury product packaging is a reflection of your product’s value. A dish that doesn’t look appetizing will most likely not taste as good as if the course was properly presented. Bottom line is; looks matter. And a good presentation is just as applicable in packaging as in the world of food.

We help you create packaging that makes sense for your brand. And balance is key. Find the theme and character of your product and highlight those aspects in your luxury gift boxes. In that way we find harmony between box and product – and we acquire originality. Smart choices of material and beautiful finishes will get you memorable unboxing experiences.

For our luxury boxes we work with recyclable paperboards. All materials are carefully curated to give top-notch print quality but of course also provide reliable containment of the product. The most popular choices of material are white paperboard and brown kraft paperboard – but we also offer more tactile options as well as a wide variety of colored papers.

It's in the details

We offer a wide range of finishes and we’re confident that we have an option that sets the right tone on your luxury box. Exquisite gold foil details or dazzling neon-colors. Here you find it all. Browse and get inspired below!

Flat foil
Catch the attention by hot stamp foiling logotype and design elements. Available in several colors. We apply the foil by putting pressure on the material with a custom kliche tool.
A very effectful hot stamp foil option! Here we bring your image or text to life with several layers of foil.
Micro-structured foil
Patterned hot stamp foil with a lot of beautiful details.. Adds depth, light and movement to your design.
Blind embossing is a technique where the motive is raised above the surface of the material. Highlight the image in an unique way! A tactile experience that catches the eye.
Debossing works the same way as embossing, but with deboss the image is pressed down instead of raised above.
A plastic film that is applied to specific elements to give certain design elements a lift. A digital option to UV-varnish.
Digital foil
Foil that uses no custom kliche tool when applied. A good option for very low volumes.
Fluorescent ink
This luminous ink absorb and emit UV-light. Here you obtain neon color and if wanted, a glow-in-the-dark effect.
Metallized print
Unique metallic print that adds a lot of depth and movement to the design. One of many features in our digital press, the HP indigo.
Pantone is a color matching system that makes sure we get the exact desired tone of a specific color. We are able to print a majority of the Pantone colors.
Customized inserts and smart use of space!

One of the main functions of the luxury paper box is to keep its content in place. Inserts are the perfect way to hold a product with a lot of finesse. We customize inserts and it’s even possible to print them and apply ravishing finishing. It doesn’t matter if your packing cosmetics, textile or tech-gadgets, we customize your insert so the product is beautifully displayed when the customer opens your luxury box.

Make good use of your space! One detail that can enhance your packaging solution is printing a message on the inside lid. That brings forth a sensation that the box has been designed with consideration and skill. It also gives you the opportunity to communicate directly to your customer. A classic “thank you”-greeting or why not a creative tip on how to use your product.

Make a choice that makes a difference.

With a strong belief in taking responsibility for the planet we all share, creating awesome packaging along the way is just one of the perks. Tailored luxury packaging adds value to your brand and that’s what we do best. But what makes us special is that we won’t do it at the expense of our planet’s wellbeing. That is simply our whole package-deal. We believe that an investment is not an investment if it destroys our planet. That is why we make an effort to shed light on solutions where innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable packaging go hand in hand.

Let us help you

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