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Product boxes

The product boxes give you everything you need for successful product packaging. And we dare to say it's a classic among classics. Made with printed, recyclable paperboard. Design and order your own product boxes online today!

Get your customized gift boxes online at Ink n Art

Get your customized gift boxes online at Ink n Art The Ink n Art Classic Product Boxes are fully customizable, and they make your way of packaging easy. These durable gift-a-like boxes are going steady on the Ink n Art radar. Big, small, neat or disarray – these boxes hold most types of products. We meet your demands with our multiple different shapes of gift boxes which all come in several sizes. Like all of our packaging, they are made out of paper and are 100% recyclable, making them an eco-friendly box option.

Combine your classic product boxes with a sticker and card to complete the experience. With your design tool you can create all these products and together you get the perfect gift box. We have small gift boxes as well as large gift boxes. Our standard materials are white paperboard or brown kraft paperboard for a more rustic feel.

We’ve got you covered with everything you need

Your brand is unique, and with our customized packaging solutions we let you treat it as such when it comes to every aspect of your packaging. Let our custom printed gift boxes carry your products in a way that reflects your business, with a design tailored to your needs. At Ink n Art you can create your packaging design online. Use one of our carefully curated themes for gift boxes to make it stand out. Combine it with your own personal touch by adding logo, color or text in our easy-to-use online 3D tool. That’s how you make your packaging box design become one with your brand. Use these gift boxes for jewelry, clothing or even some types of food. Choose the symmetrical shape for your cosmetics and perfumes, or go for the box in the shape of an ideal cube that will fit several pairs of socks, cosmetics or a candle. The cube shaped box also works perfect as a cupcake package. If you’re looking for a very narrow and high type of product box, we have that too. They’re perfect for bottles of soap, oil or lotion – or any other heartwarming item that comes in such a shape. Your product box deserves an awesome product box.

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