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Sample packs

Get the real feel of Ink n Art! Order our cool sample packs for €25.00.



Not sure of the box type you should choose for your custom packagings? Then our sample box package is tailored for you. Our sample kit contains our full range of styles, materials and print quality.

With Ink n Art, custom packaging has never been easier. Our wide range of boxes are suitable for every type of product and we offer you endless design options and customizations.

You’ll get the sample pack in no time! Try it out at home and discover your favorite.

The sample pack contains mixed materials with 7 variations of boxes.

Mailer box (cardboard boxes) samples are currently not available.

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Shipped within 14 days

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We work hard to make it easy to create and design beautiful custom packaging on mobile devices. But until then you might prefer a larger screen.

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