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Ink n Art's inspiration pack.

Explore the possibilities of premium. Because why settle for less?

Tag along when we showcase our most enticing materials, innovative print techniques and high-quality effects ­— our best tips for making a design stand out!

We have produced a handful of prints to give you a good feeling of what we can accomplish for your brand. Ink n Art wants to visualize all exciting possibilities. Together we make your brand really stand out and come to life on carefully selected materials.

To our help we have Simon Alverman. A designer from Gothenburg with a truly original style. By day he is an art director at a communication agency.

We asked Simon what the idea behind the designs was and were met with a short and sweet reply; ”Fun to create — fun to watch”. We know Simon had a good time creating it, now it’s your turn. Enjoy!

Follow him on Instagram at @simonalverman to see more original design work.

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