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Sustainable packaging – 2023

Vision —Print without climate footprint.

At Ink n Art we actively, and as broadly as possible, work with sustainability. That not only involves reducing our environmental impact, but also taking into account social and economic factors that affect living standards as well as global inequities. Our aim is to prevent further environmental harm and build for a better, greener tomorrow

You can read more about the UN’s dimensions of sustainability here.

We compensate for material usage and emissions with every order.

In collaboration with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted (OTP) we plant one tree for each order. OTP is very knowledgeable on where and when efforts of reforestation are needed. Since the start of this initiative, Ink n Art has planted 2700 trees with more donations planned for 2023.

How much printed material does a tree provide?

A large pine tree, typically 0,5 cubic meters of timber, can be processed into 25 000 A4-sheets. That means, by rough count, that Ink n Art has in 2022 compensated for 67,5 million small boxes.

That means, in 2022 alone, Ink n Art and OTP’s reforesting initiatives have offset 67,5 million small boxes worth of paper material. An amount that far exceeds Ink n Art’s own yearly production volume.

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Environmental sustainability

  • All our papers are certified (FSC, PEFC or equivalent standard).
  • All trash is handled responsibly through Stena Recycling.
  • We use water-based glue.
  • We actively decrease transportation by producing more in-house. 
  • We actively decrease physical storage with our on-demand solution Inka.
  • Our digital press, HP Indigo, is CO2-neutral.
  • Our facility in Gothenburg is run on 100% clean energy. C02-emissions for our electricity usage is at 0 g/kWh and waste from nuclear energy is also at 0 mg/kWh.

Distribution of energy sources:

– Hydropower with guarantee of origin: 91%
– Wind power with guarantee of origin: 6%
– Bioenergy with guarantee of origin: 3%
– Solar power with guarantee of origin: 0,3%

eco packaging

Social responsibility

  • We do not accept any discrimination of gender, age, sexual preference, disability, etnicity, religion or minority.
  • We believe in a safe and secure workplace. 
  • Under no circumstances is forced labor or child labor allowed. Not in direct or indirect connection to Ink n Art.

Economic sustainability

  • Fair wage with no discrimination whatsoever.
  • We constantly work to make our processes more efficient in order to phase out our carbon footprint. We believe that economic growth can be achieved without sacrificing our environmental goals.

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We continue to improve

  1. All company cars shall be completely or partly powered by electricity. (2021) This goal has been achieved.
  2. We continue to look for partners that we can broaden our sustainability initiatives with. We have currently started a dialogue with an organisation that collects harmful plastics from our oceans. (2021-23)
  3. We make sure that all electricity used in our office and production is clean and has a guarantee of origin. (2021) This goal has been achieved.
  4. We shall offer climate neutral shipping. (2022)
  5. In 2023 we aim to release our own sustainability report on Ink n Art’s footprint. The report is to be transparent on how our business affects the environment and shall be used as a basis for future goals.

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