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Packaging Tips for Better Branding | E-commerce 2022

E-commerce is continuously growing and in 2020 an incredible 293 millions European consumers shopped online. Here we share our best tips how you can differentiate in a continuously booming online shopping trend with custom packaging.

Let’s break it down.

1. Packaging helps brand recognition!

Custom packaging strengthens your brand recognition – and good brand recognition has a correlation with better sales. In fact, a study from 2019 showed that 66 percent of businesses that have consistently presented their brand – experience improved sales.

So, where to begin? Strive for an“easy-to-recognize” visual identity. A strong and simple expression makes it more clear for the consumer who will be able to spot your products in a climate with fierce competition.

2. Improved customer experience.

E-commerce packaging lays the foundation for a better customer experience of your brand. A big difference between packaging and a digital marketing platform is that you can stimulate more senses. We help you find tactile materials that fit your product and brand story.

For an organic and more rustic “look” a nature-colored material is a good fit. But for a colorful fin-tech company, like Klarna, it makes more sense to go for a vivid print on white material. Add some enticing copy with the same tone of voice and you’re all set.

…it’s important to remember that the customer experience for e-commerce products includes the way the product lands in the consumer’s mailbox or on their doorstep. That first impression can make the product better and the brand more desirable, or it can create a negative perception that will tarnish both. – Forbes Magazine

It’s all about being consistent in all communication whether it’s on your website, social media, imagery and of course packaging – that will be the first physical encounter with your brand. Try to see the big picture!

ecommerce boxes with print

3. Share your values! 

Studies show that emotional engagement weighs heavier than rational engagement. That means that consumers evaluate brands to see if they match with their own values and beliefs.

People prefer to buy or involve in businesses that play ball with their own mindset – a good example of this is how businesses engage more in environmental and social responsibility.

Hence, 4 out of 5 prefer to read a printed message over one on a digital screen. So, if you are not communicating your values on your printed packaging – think again!

A strong statement you can also do is make the shift from plastic packaging to an organic material such as paperboard and cardboard. In that way you get sustainable packaging and you can tell your customer that you stopped using material from fossil energy sources. On top of that, you do not contribute to micro-plastics in our oceans.

ecofriendly product packaging

4. Engage your customer!

Engaged customers spend more, are easier to keep and will also recommend your business to their contacts. Studies show that an engaged customer on average generates 24% more profit. 

It all comes down to providing a solid customer experience. All the way from clicking your shopping ad or social media post to the moment the packaging reaches the home of the consumer. Give that seamless experience.

In detail you can engage customers more by keeping your message consistent across channels, share interesting knowledge, inspire or tell a story about your company values or product. And did you know this? Printed packaging is a great platform for inviting people to follow you on social media and to interact with your content.

5. Good packaging design sells more.

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect and inform. But don’t let it stop there! By adding a well thought out packaging design you can POP on the shelves and become the center of consumer attention.

A study from 2018 shows that 72 percent of consumers often are influenced by the packaging design in their purchase decision. So by not putting any time or effort into your packaging – you will miss out on a lot of potential sales.

If I don’t have any experience in packaging design? Don’t worry. We provide a free online editor for your custom boxes.

6. Right-sizing.

Have you ever gotten a package delivered that contained 10% product and 90% air? To be honest. That kind of blows. Both aesthetically and for the environment.

Right-sizing, as the name suggests, means evaluating your item’s shape, fragility, materials, and of course, its size to choose the ideal packaging solution.

By doing so you can reduce shipping costs, reduce carbon footprint and also provide better protection. So, do not ship air. Let your product be the centre of attention. It’s all about providing that solid customer experience that does not harm the environment.

With these six packaging insights we are sure you can acquire some extra “edge” with your digital business. Feel unsure about where to begin your packaging improvements? Drop us a message here at the website or call one of your packaging experts. We’ll gladly guide you through it!

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