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Our improved deal – Ink n Art

This website is new. But a lot might seem familiar?

That’s because you’re watching a merge of our two brands. Ink n Art and our little packaging brother Pacsome. The result of the merge is – you guessed it – this new and improved site!

This is what’s up:

Ink n Art has upgraded its look and values with a lot of inspiration from our packaging brand Pacsome.

Pacsome is now using only the name Ink n Art, and will adapt the same high level of customer service.

Now we stand stronger than ever. More custom products, a fresh website and twelve dedicated Ink n Art crewmembers. For you as a customer this is very good news. We break down the pros below.

I. Higher level of service

With the merge we are able to connect our experienced sales team to the site. Always on-call to answer your questions and prepared to guide you through any enquiry.

II. Wider range of custom products

We have added stickers and cards to the design tool along with our packaging options. Making it possible to create your complete unboxing kit online! If you are operating in Sweden – we provide our full range of large format prints, merchandise, clothing and more.

III. Sustainability

Pacsome’s “one order – one tree” is now part of our sustainability pledge. But we grow that promise to all products under Ink n Art. Not only packaging. In that way you can rest assured your order is always properly compensated for.

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Why not keep two brands?

There’s some backstory to why we chose to merge the two brands.

We decided it was necessary for us in order to improve our customer experience and offer a wider product range.

But that is not all. Let us run you through it.

The idea of Pacsome was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. The minds behind it are us at Ink n Art – who have 30 years of experience in printing. But we wanted to do more with packaging, more specifically, provide an ecommerce solution where the user is in charge of the design.

When we launched Pacsome in 2020, it attracted a good amount of media attention. We received positive feedback and our conviction that we were onto something grew even stronger.

A lot of small business owners and creative entrepreneurs went out of their way to contact us. Showing a lot of love and enthusiasm for our solution. Designing custom packaging online and preview in 3D. Nonetheless, the fact that we are able to offer it from 30 pieces.

David VS Goliath

We work hard to lower the bar for business owners and entrepreneurs. As a small business ourselves we know the value of low MOQ packaging and fast turnaround.

Simultaneously, we had an encounter with a large corporation that was ready to do the exact opposite to a start-up brand with a new idea. Our small venture was not welcome. And instead of opening a dialogue with us, they sent the big law firms. 

But let us be clear. We have no interest in quarrelling with large holding corporations trying to make the biggest buck possible. That’s just not our style. We are and will always be here to make awesome packaging for brands. That is what we do.

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